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West of Dead Cheats

West of Dead

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips for Beginners:
Written by Hollow

Okay, so here's a few moments you might wanna hear before starting the game. 
Or after diying a few times, that could happen.

-=The Tips=-
* There's no mouse support, so aiming done automatic by the game itself. You 
  can help it with WSAD. Basically turn your character the way the enemy you 
  want to shoot is and wait for the yellow angle you pop under that enemy's 

* You may notice that you rarely hit the target that are far away or if you 
  spam some of the weapons like rifles. That is because all weapons have 
  "accuracy". And if you press the fire button and hold it for a second or 
  two you will see the little arrow right in front of your character. When 
  two parts of that arrow connects is the moment of maximum accuracy for the 
  shot. Some weapons (like musket) deals significantly more damage at max 

* You can kick any enemy (except boss?) to bash them a little and deal a few 
  damage points. This might come in handy when you're out of ammo and the enemy
  is pretty close in range.

* Fireing one gun prevent reloading the second gun. 
  So you must take a breathe between shooting for reloading.

* You can slide to any cover from some distance with "Space" button.

* You can skip any dialogue/monologue of any character in the game by pressing 
  "Esc" button. And pressing it again to return to the game, yes.

* Of course the smoke bomb affects you too!

* Of course the enemy can see you in the dark, but sometimes you can enter 
  the room without everyone noticing you, what gives you some advantage when 
  things would start to look angry.

* Of course the progress didn't save in between runs, so you have to open that 
  "smallheal" every time.
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