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Warriors Orochi 4 Cheats

Warriors Orochi 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievements Guide:
Written by Crazyrzy

I will only include the irritating and long Achievements. 
All of the Achievements are fairly easy to do.

-=Chatoic Good=-
Objective: Completed all of the battles in the main and side stories 
on Chaotic difficulty.

How to make it easier: Even though it takes some time. You probably need to 
start saving Growth Points, Crystals and Gems for Orochi X. Getting him to level 
100 with a 5 star weapon. Also adding the Absorbtion addon to your weapon will 
make you completely unkillable!

Objective: Obtained an S rating in all of the battles in the main and side 

How to make it easier: Same as the last one, just takes some time. 
I would reccomend the same method. Just to make it faster.

Objective: Completed all of the battle objectives in the main and side stories.

How to make it easier: All of the battle objectives are easy, except the "Kill 
to just use magic most of the time. I reccomend using Nehza (Human) using his 
Charge Magic Attack does a big amount of damage. Also you can you the Divinity 
Attribute to help you through it.

-=Development Magnate=-
Objective: Unlocked all of the Camp Rewards.

How to make it easier: Just focus on getting Orochi X. 
The Orochi X purchase spot.
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