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Unravel Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Checkpoint 1:
Once you down grab that Whirling Light, This is your Checkpoint now whenever
you get stuck or quit then you will be starting the level from here. Go ahead
and break the Tap then head back and climb up with the help of your yarn. 
Build a Bridge and bring the apples into the water to make the Apple Bridge.
Move Ahead and pull the lever off the chair to make your way. Now that you 
see you are about to run out of yarn so the best way to get that is head 
down after pulling the lever. you will see the yarn inside the box which 
can be free by pulling the plant. 

Now once you are full yarned up head down and pull the tricycle with you to
jump over the Gate. Grab more yarn you will see your next collectible chipped
into the rock up. Then Head back and grab the hook with a lasso, swing more 
to get a good push and keep climbing like this. You will notice another memory
of the girl on the treehouse. Get some more yarn by pulling the plant down.

As you head down you will find a B block which you need to pull until you 
come across a see-saw. Then use the lasso to swing and grab the hook under
the Tires to get to the other side. The window will get close automatically
once you head up to the window. Grab Another Yarn and make the second 
checkpoint clear.
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