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Tropico 5 Cheats

Tropico 5

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hold [Right Shift] then type one of the following codes.

Effect                                Code
Mission select                      - ifoundtheplans
Instant construction                - meepmeep
Instant win                         - penultimoroxx
$100,000                            - llamalottery
Maximizes workers' experience and 
students graduate instantly         - leveltwelvepaladin
No prerequisites for edicts         - lelaw
+20 US relations                    - scotch
+20 USSR relations                  - kurwa
-20 US relations                    - noscotch
-20 USSR relations                  - redsquared
Tornado outbreak                    - spinnyspinny
Drought disaster                    - dryspell
Earthquake disaster                 - shakennotstirred
Fire disaster                       - eldiablo
Disaster Hurricane                  - surfsup

Easy "Everlasting Colony" achievement:
You cannot declare your independence. Do this early, while still a colony. 
Complete missions to earn mandate extensions until you get the "Everlasting 
Colony" achievement.

Easy "For Science!" achievement:
Begin a sandbox game with infinite money on the easiest difficulty in the 
Modern Era. Build the maximum number of Science Labs, Colleges, and Observatories, 
then fully staff them. Search for Inventors in your population by using the 
"Census" edict. You can also use your Spy Academy to steal technology from other 
superpowers, but this may not be reliable. Build Power Plants to provide enough 
power to the Science Lab.

Easy "Globalist" achievement:
Construct five Embassies, and invite all foreign powers to each one to get the "Globalist" 
achievement. Note: This can be paired with the "For Science!" achievement.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your 
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View 
all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                        How to unlock
... But To Take Part             - Issue the "Host the Olympics" edict.
A Barrel Of Monkeys              - Earn $50 000 yearly revenue from Entertainment buildings.
A New Dawn                       - Complete "A New Dawn".
Agricultural Community           - Have more than 20 Plantations, Hydroponic Farms, Factory
                                   Farms and Ranches in a single game.
Architerissimo                   - Win a multiplayer game by construction.
Back to the Past                 - Complete "Back to the Past".
Booked Solid                     - Have Slob, Family, Cultural, Eco and Wealthy tourists at
                                   the same time on the island.
Bureaucrat                       - Issue 20 edicts in a single game.
Cause of Death                   - Execute a Rebel Leader.
Claustrophilia                   - Win a Sandbox game on a Tiny island.
Day 0                            - Complete "Day 0".
Dictatorship 101                 - Finish all tutorials.
Everlasting Colony               - Rule for 100 months as a colonial governor.
Extraordinary Popular Delusions  - Have all happiness values above 50.
For Science!                     - Research all technologies at least once before the year 
                                   2005 in a single game.
Friends With Benefits            - Have relations higher than 90 with all factions in the 
                                   Modern Era.
Fundamental Principles           - Amend the Constitution 6 times in a single game.
Globalist                        - Have 5 foreign powers in your Embassies at the same time.
Good Sportsmanship               - Finish a multiplayer game.
Greasing Palms                   - Bribe a Faction Leader.
Heir And Now                     - Recognize a new heir.
History Will Absolve Me          - Survive a rebel attack against the Palace.
Hope                             - Complete "Hope".
In Seventh Heaven                - Reach overall happiness of 77.
Infrastructor                    - Build more than 2 000 meters of roads in a single game.
It Prints Money!                 - Win a multiplayer game by money.
Leon Must Die!                   - Complete "Leon Must Die!".
Let Them Eat Cake                - Survive an uprising.
Made In Tropico                  - Export 100 000 Luxury Goods.
Middle Manager Of The Revolution - Have managers in more than 15 buildings in a single game.
Mine! All Mine!                  - Mine 100 000 ores and coal in a single game.
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall       - Change the looks of a dynasty member.
Naughty Docks                    - Connect a dock with that of another player.
Overqualified                    - Have a dynasty member with a level 5 skill.
Pension Plan                     - Earn over $$200 000 Swiss bank account.
Presidente's Seven               - Have 7 Dynasty members.
Project Beale                    - Win a multiplayer game by points.
Putsch and Judy                  - Survive a Military Coup.
Retro-futurism                   - Advance to the Modern Era before the year 1960.
Sheep For Wood                   - Have a fleet of 12 trade ships.
The Bay Of Pigs                  - Survive an invasion from the USA.
The China Card                   - Successfully complete 5 trade routes with China in a 
                                   single game.
The Great Mogul                  - Have 10 different industry buildings in a single game.
The Madness Of Crowds            - Have more than 500 citizens in a single game.
The Town Of Cityville            - Build 150 buildings in a single game.
Think Tanks                      - Have 5 Army Bases in a single game.
To Live In Interesting Times     - Win a Sandbox game on an island with Relentless Disasters.
Tower Defense                    - Have 20 Guard Towers in a single game.
United States of Tropico         - Finish a game with relations of 100 with the US.
What Energy Crisis?              - Produce and share 1 000 MW of power with another player.
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