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Touhou DollDraft Cheats

Touhou DollDraft

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Guide for Last Level:
Written by FiveScissors475

Short guide for general relativity.

You might not have properly understood parts of the tutorial, 
so Iíll go over the essentials:

If you press Esc on the middle of a turn (the buying turn or the 
placing turn) you stop being able to do things in it (if you press 
Esc on the buying turn you can still place characters on the placing 
turn) but your clock (the one next to Alice, not the one on the 
center of the screen) starts spinning, and every time it completes 
a turn you get 1G.

If you buy a character once, you get a one-star version of it. If 
you buy it twice, your one-star version turns into a two-star 
version, with improved damage and buffs. If you buy it four times 
you get a three-star version. The second purchase doesnít need to 
be on the same turn as the first, and the character doesnít need to 
be waiting to be played or anything.

Tewi is a pain, and judging from achievement percentages I assume 
people often get stuck on her.

This guide explains a short strat that should help you beat her.

-=Step one: Acquire Suwako and Hina.=-
Both Suwako and Hina cost 1G. Ideally youíll get both of them on the 
first turn, and use your third remaining G to buy an extra placement 
slot so you can play both of them. Having two gods on the field means 
you get two extra G per turn, which leads to the next part of the strat:

-=Step two: Acquire humans.=-
Get 5 human characters on the field. If you have 5 human characters on 
the field they each gain 16 damage per turn. Thatís 80 total damage per 

-=Step three: Improve=-
You still have one placement slot left, so you probably want to place 
someone there. Ideally another Reimu or Marisa. Also, Suwako and Hina 
are fairly bad as gods, so you want to replace them by Eiki and Komachi 
if you get the opportunity.
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