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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Cheats

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Shotgun Jumping:
1.Take a high recoil gun (sawed off).
2.Point it down.
3.Jump and fire.
4.Now flank on them poor people.
5.(Optional) With the heavy barrel mod you can increase 
  recoil causing a high jump.

Note: The desert eagle when duel wielded with heavy barrel works 
for this as well.

Note2: You can use the megagun (a very rare minigun varient) for 
this however its technique is just using it as a jetpack instead 
of as a second jump.

How to Get Into a Game:
Follow these simple steps;
1.Ready up.
2.If you get into a game, if the lobby stays at 0 seconds, quit 
  out and go back to step 1.
3.If you get an error message saying that the server connection 
  refused, try again or WRONG VERSION GO UPDATE refer to the next 
4.Press the reload menu button, immediately press ESC to skip the 
  splash screen and ready up immediately.
5.If you do not get into a game after ten seconds, proceed to do 
  step 4 again until you get into a game.
6.Yay, you’re finally in a game!

Tips & Tricks:
* Drop at low-population areas, far from the truck path.
* Be quick; loot essentials first and try to clear your loot area 
  before going back for grenades and meds.
* Be aware. Take a look at the circle and determine where players
  might be. For example, staying near the ring will ensure you won’t 
  get shot from behind, but adds the risk of someone already being 
  set-up near the centre of the safe-zone.
* Be smart. Take fights when you have cover and ammo to win the fight. 
  If you have an SMG and they’re far away, don’t shoot.
* Get a handle of where the center of your screen is for hip firing, 
  because a lot of times you won’t have much time to aim down sights, 
  especially if you want to move to cover.
* When in full-auto, burst fire. If you do this you can control the 
  recoil a bit better.
* Also it simply depends on the gun. Some guns have less recoil, so 
  if you recognize that using aim down sights specifically will allow 
  you to gun people down really quickly and accurately.
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