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The Legion TD 2 Cheats

The Legion TD 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

You can use these in-game any time.
-help: Displays command info
-value: Displays fighter value
-next: Displays information about the next wave
-info X: Displays information about wave X
-pierce, -impact, -magic, -pure: Displays information about an attack type
-swift, -natural, -arcane, -fortified, -immaterial: Displays information about 
 a defense type
-ranged, -air, -boss, -miniboss: Displays information about a special wave type

Debug Commands:
You can only use these when -debug mode is enabled.

-debug: Enable debug mode (below commands)
-builder X: Changes your builder to X (where X is 0, 1, 2, or 3)
-greedisgood: Gives you 10k gold, 10k mythium, 100 supply and resets merc timers
-gold X: Gives you X gold
-mythium X: Gives you X mythium
-supply X: Gives you X supply
-maphack: Reveals the map for you (cannot be undone)
-clear: Clears the wave
-clearwest: Clears the wave (West only)
-cleareast: Clears the wave (East only)
-heal: Heals both kings
-healeast: Heals the east king
-healwest: Heals the west king
-autoheal: Automatically heals kings when they are low
-wave X: Sets the wave to X
-reset X: Resets the wave, removing towers, resetting income/workers, and giving you 
 gold equal to what you would get for clearing waves before that.
-start: Starts the wave immediately
-open X: Opens slot X for spawns
-close X: Closes slot X for spawns
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