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The Cycle Cheats

The Cycle

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Crafting Materials:
Crafting materials in The Cycle are going to be your main method of creating new 
weapons and armor. There are numerous ways to get crafting materials in The Cycle,
but this guide will explain what activities you need to do to get them.

* Collecting them on the Fortuna III map-they are scattered all over the map, 
  always in the same places.

* Completing contracts during the game-for completed contracts you will receive a 
  package with a certain amount of crafting materials of a given category. The more 
  contracts you complete, the more materials you get, and the better quality the 
  items will be.
* Breaking down unnecessary equipment-weapons can be disassembled by selecting 
  them from the inventory window and then holding the Scrap button shown on the 
  screen. This way you can reacquire some of the raw materials invested in creating 
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