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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Cheats

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Display the Seed entry prompt at the "Character Select" menu by pressing [Tab]. 
Then, enter one of the following seed codes to activate the corresponding cheat 
function. You can remove any codes by pressing Q + E + [Tab] or LB + RB + X on 
an Xbox controller. Note: Entering a seed code will prevent achievements from 
being earned. Additionally, some codes may delete your saved game file.
Result                                              Seed Code
Easier game                                         1337 HAXR
Character leaves fecal trail                        BRWN SNKE
Sound effects replaced with farts                   FART SNDS
All enemies have permanently feared                 FEAR M1NT
All items except troll bombs mimic Issacís movement KEEP AWAY
Character only visible as brown shadow              CAM0 K1DD
Enemies only visible as brown shadows               CAM0 F0ES
Invisible enemies                                   BL1N DEYE
Eligible enemies become champions                   CHAM P10N
Concussive enemies that move randomly               C0NF ETT1
Reversed controls                                   DRAW KCAB
Tarot cards are face down when collected            FACE D0WN
Enemies become feared randomly                      FRAI DN0T
The lower your health, the slower the music         HART BEAT
Can destroy rocks                                   NFB8 3WSG
Character and tears turn black                      PTCH BLCK
Jumbled in-game text                                DYSL EX1C
CRT display                                         B00B T00B
All floors have the basement room tile set          BASE MENT
30 minute limit                                     30M1 N1TS
Asocial enemies                                     CLST RPH0
Axis aligned controls                               AX1S ALGN
Big head mode                                       T0PH EAVY
Black body                                          PTCH BLCK
Camouflage enemies                                  CAM0 F0ES
Camouflage EVERYTHING!                              WH0A WHAT
Camouflage player                                   CAM0 K1DD
Camouflage stuff                                    CAM0 DR0P
Cathode rays!                                       B00B T00B
Champion enemies                                    CHAM P10N
Charmed enemies                                     C0CK FGHT
Christmas                                           CHRS TMAS
Confused enemies                                    C0NF ETT1
Cowardice                                           C0WR D1CE
Damage on a timer                                   THEG H0ST
Dog Mode                                            ALM1 GHTY
Enemies respawn                                     C0ME BACK
Extra Gore                                          BL00 00DY
Health tempo                                        HART BEAT
Hopelessly                                          Lost L0ST
Infinite Basements                                  BASE MENT
Invisible enemies                                   BL1N DEYE
Invisible player                                    1MN0 B0DY
Kidsí co-op mode                                    K1DS M0DE
Movement tempo                                      SL0W 4ME2
Mystery cards                                       FACE D0WN
Mystery pills                                       MED1 C1NE
No HUD                                              KEEP TRAK
Pacifism                                            PAC1 F1SM
Permanent Darkness                                  DARK NESS
Poopy Trail                                         BRWN SNKE
Reversed controls                                   DRAW KCAB
Scaredy enemies                                     FEAR M1NT
Stay out of the Maze                                PATH F1ND
The Blank                                           THEB LANK
Total curse Immunity                                BLCK CNDL
Tricky pickups                                      KEEP AWAY
Twelve heart damage                                 BRTL B0NS
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