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Swarm Gold Cheats

Swarm Gold

Submitted by: RM

Mine Throwing:
Get some speed in a direction, then reverse direction as you let out a mine to "throw"
it into a group of enemies!

Star Clubber:
In every level past level 5, each rock destroyed has a 5% chance of having the Star 
Clubber in it. However, each level can only have 1, so you can stop looking after 
you've found it. You won't find another one on that level. The Star Clubber can destroy 
as many rocks as you want, but only so many enemies before it blows up! The green dots 
on the Star Clubber indicates how many  enemies it can destroy before it gets destroyed 

New Feature:
One of the new things added to the "gold" version is the fact that rocks now contain 
goodies. Make sure to blow up rocks for shields and weapons. Blow up all the rocks on 
level 21 for a surprise!
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