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Stray Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Doors and Safes Passwords (Codes):
Written by PoloBoy

-=The door code in chapter 2 "Apartment"=-
Where to find the code: there is a small storage room to the
 right of the locked door. Climb up on the shelf and turn on 
the flashlight to illuminate the board. 
There you will find the code, it is 3748.

-=The code of the safe in chapter 4 "Slums"=-
Where to find the safe: located at the end of the left lane from t
he first robot (Guardian) you are talking to (he is wearing a
 straw hat). Go down the stairs to his left and walk past the 
robot playing the guitar (he is sitting on the floor). 
There will be a safe in the left corner.

Where to find the code: located in the bar "Duffer Bar" in the city 
center. Jump on the bar in front of the bartender. There is a neon 
sign on the wall that says "Duffer Bar". Interact with the sign and
the picture will fall. 
Now you can read the code on the wall, itís 1283.

-=The door code in Chapter 6 "Slums. Part 2"=-
Where to find the code: to the left of the door keypad you will 
see a clock hanging on the wall. The hour hand of each clock shows 
the corresponding number. Read the clock from left to right, 
this will give you the code 2511.

-=The code for the safe in chapter 10 "City center"=-
Where to find a safe: once in the city center, where there will 
be a lot of neon lights, go to the second store on the right. This 
is a yellow building, in front of it sits a robot in a straw hat 
and a white jacket. Now jump into the open window. At the end of 
the room you need to jump on the shelves, there you will find a safe.

Where to find the code: located in the same room as the safe itself. 
Interact with the poster on the back of the shelf. When reading, 
the code is written in reverse order. 
It says "2458:eDoc", but the correct code is 8542.

How to Enable HDR:
Written by Oishi

Donít know why most HDR in-game looks wash out but some people 
like it cuz it is not over saturated.

Add these line in "Engine.ini":

File Location

Engine.ini location:

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