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Star Traders: Frontiers Cheats

Star Traders: Frontiers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Map Seed Guide for New Players:
Written by Tomcat

This is a map seed with a short guide on what to do get you on track. 
Descriptions on why this is an easy map seed is included. Can play any 
difficulty and help you get those unlocks easier.

-=The map seed=-

Copy the above and then go into game under making a new map and press the 
paste button.

What Faction Am I Playing and Why?
You will play as Moklunme.

This faction starts at a really low danger rating. 
I think it was 4 the last time I saw.

Your rival faction is De Valtos. Both controlled sectors are low danger 
rating and is just 1 jump away in either direction.

Accessing the Arbiter later on is also only jump away.

You can entirely ignore the top portion of the map until youíve grinded 
enough in your little corner on the south.

Why Else Is Moklumne So Good?
As of this writing, Iím convinced they are the easiest faction to play the 
starting portion of the game as a mission runner.

-=Targeting Matrix (Moklumneís version)=-
First off, you have access to Moklumneís Targeting Matrix which can pretty 
much negate the need for gunners due to the accuracy bonus. Sure Cadarís does 
more damage but this requires less obstacles to get the hits happening.

Of course, you probably want to start off as a boarding ship when you are 
combat ready but those components are there when you are ready to transition.

Azure Defender (Pre built faction boarding ship with Defense matrix added)

Second thing about Moklumne is that their faction specific ship, the Azure 
Defender, is priced under 1 mil. It is already kitted out with Javat Defense 
Matrix and has boarding prow on it.

You can literally just fly it immediately. Itís unlike other ships where you 
have bad components to replace before their defense dice can be a match.

Iíve just made a run on impossible on this map with the Longbolt. The only 
thing Iíve replaced are the weapons to make room for passenger rooms. Not even 
the weapons locker was changed. The Azure Defender is cheap enough where you 
can just chance it by just relying on military officers recruited from the FDF.

How did my run go? Well my sword captain ended up with range damage traits 
and some other wild shenanigans. But itís doing just fine.

You should get a Sword Battlecruiser once the money is coming in from the Duel 
of Assassins prisoner missions that Faen will give after Valencia leaves. 
Then you are pretty much smooth sailing from here. Especially with Moklumneís 
awesome Targeting Matrix providing your with Offensive accuracy bonuses and 
Defensive electronics dice.
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