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Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) Cheats

Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Best Star Pilot In The Galaxy" achievement:
This can be done in the "Beggar's Canyon" training mission. In this mission,
you will fly an X-Wing and have to shoot down enemy TIE fighters. The two 
minute time limit for this achievement starts when shooting the first TIE 
fighter. Make sure to use your rockets whenever possible. Your rockets kill
enemies in one hit, but they take a while to recharge. When shooting the 
laser gun, you must aim the little white dot exactly on the enemy aircraft
(so the lock-on turns yellow). With rockets, you do not need to aim as 
precisely, as it is fine if the lock-on is only red. It may take a few tries
to get the "Best Star Pilot In The Galaxy" achievement, but fortunately the
mission is really short.

CJ-9 Bo-Rifle:
Kill an enemy player carrying the CJ-9 Bo-Rifle in multiplayer for an orange 
token to appear where they died. Collect it to permanently unlock the rifle. 
The CJ-9 Bo-Rifle is primarily used by characters in the Star Wars: Rebels TV 
show. The weapon can transform from a rifle into an electro-staff.

Easy "Safety Ain't The Point Of A Joyride" achievement:
This can be done in the "Endor Chase" training mission. In this mission, 
you are driving a Speeder Bike to chase after some rebels. You do not need
to kill them, just chase after them. Do not hit any objects on your way to
get the "Safety Ain't The Point Of A Joyride" achievement at the end of the
mission. You can see the health bar at the bottom of the screen. It must 
stay at 100 all the time. If it drops at all, you must restart the mission.
Luckily, it only takes approximately two minutes to complete the mission.

The following blasters can be acquired at the indicated level and price.

Level: 3 
Credits: 550 

Level: 3 
Credits: 550 

Level: 5 
Credits: 1250 

Level: 8 
Credits: 1550 

Level: 8 
Credits: 1550 

Level: 8 
Credits: 1550 

Level: 10 
Credits: 2500 

Level: 14 
Credits: 2500 

Level: 17 
Credits: 2500 

Level: 21 
Credits: 2500 

Level: 25 
Credits: 2500
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