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Space Crew Cheats

Space Crew

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Basic Advance Safety Tips:
Written by TiMElesS

I want to help people in SpaceCrew and share some basic/advance strategies 
tips I have been working on?

I am here to share some basic/advance strategies that I use for managing my 
ship in Space Crew that will make you win any mission 100% of the time and 
with 0 casualties, so without further due, let's start.

First of all you don't need to actually do this, but giving your spaceship a 
proper name and paintjob, (and modifying the names and looks of characters) is 
really an extra bonus because of all the time you will spend with them, and 
will make you actually care about the crew and ship.

So now, the first recommended tip is to upgrade your equipment ASAP, (this is 
pretty obvious) but at the beginning it's really important to have enough med 
kits/phasers/fire extinguisher in that order, as your ship and crew is brand 
new and you will need the equipment. It's one of the cheapest thing you can 
buy, it must be handy too so your crew can have access to the stuff they need, 
and don't forget about at least one space suit, fixing an engine without oxygen 
is no fun.

Don't be afraid to depressurize everything in order to avoid fires and intruders, 
be aware that if Phasmids bord, they will aggro your crewmates after attacking 
him/her and if the crewmate is a Security Officer he/she will go after them, same 
thing if they catch on fire you will have little control over them, so make sure 
they are in a safe space or locked in their positions before sending your enemies 
into space.

Half desperate times requires half desperate measures, devert all power where 
you need it, if you are in an asteroid belt, having that extra power in engines 
with evasion will be nice, having extrafire power when you are charging to the 
enemies it's a great sinergy, and having extrashields when you are in a defensive 
route and being overwhelmed is great.

Use the Dradis (radar), if you have the Comms Officer it will always tell the 
direction of enemies, when you enter a zone you can charge at them, but be aware 
of reenforcing the shields and tracing a defensive route if new enemies join the 

Don't use everything at once unless required or everything has gone south, let's 
say the Phasmids border you and you are being overwhelmed by them and there's a 
champion too (although if you are being careful this would rarely happen) you 
have exhausted your get out of jail invisible mode card, you don't have PEM to 
make time for skills, healing and securing your ship and you don't have fast 
charging available. Don't be afraid to pull your Comms Officer and Captain at 
the same time you are diverting all engine power to shields/guns. Securing your 
ship at the same time your gunners do the work can be life saving although you 
are a sitting duck, this measure it's really a desperate one but it can help 
you in that time of crisis

You can go for a fast pace ship maximizing speed, or a heavy spacetank, and 
everything in between of course, and train your crew secondary skill to whatever 
style you choose. For example if you want to have a spacetank you should always 
have someone in shields, or if you want to have a speedy Viper with fast recharge 
shields, having an extra engineer, security officer and gunner would be ideal

You really don't want to lose any member of your crew nor your ship, so only 
go for missions you know you can take. Abort mission and escape pods are always 
an option. Do whatever needed to protect your crew.
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