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Space Commander: War and Trade Cheats

Space Commander: War and Trade

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Guide:
Written by F D S 

-=Some Pointers=-
* The more ship you command, the more enemies will spawn on missions, 
  so always keep your numbers low.
* The more ship you command, the more cost you need to repair, rearm, 
  and refuel ships, so always keep your numbers low.
* The mission payout generator don't give a damn about how many ship you 
  command, so always keep your numbers low.
* The main campaign was most likely designed to be completed with 2-3 
  ships. You can try to do endgame mission with more than 15 ships 
  though, I've done it, it's literal hell and I won't do it again. 
  Commanding 3 ships are a lot easier and also economical.
* Recommended fleet composition: 1-2 interceptor / fighter / heavy 
  and 1 bomber to complete the main campaign.
* Some interesting ships for free user: Hawk, Viper.
* Some interesting ships for paid user: Eagle, Mamba, Apocalypse 
  (this one is very OP).
* Torpedoes do a lot of damage and have limited number, use it only 
  to destroy heavy weapons in capital ships. It also do extra damage 
  to the structural integrity of a capital ship.
* Kinetic weapons like chaingun and railgun can damage the hull 
  directly, use it to destroy smaller weapons and engines in capital 
  ships. Kinetic weapons are kinda useless against heavy weapons though, 
  because it might put your ship in vulnerable position against powerful 
  heavy weapons, so use torpedoes instead.
* You can rearm in the middle of battle (that's why you only need 1 bomber), 
  make sure you destroy all enemy interceptors so you can jump without 
  taking damage, rearm on nearby planet / station, then return to battle.
* To quickly make money, do procurement missions and smuggling missions.
* On procurement missions, you can bring less than the requested amount. 
  If they need 10, you can bring 6 and get paid for 6.
* On smuggling missions though, you can only bring the exact amount to 
  complete the mission. If they need 5, you need to bring 5. If you bring 
  4 it might end up bugged and you need to abandon the mission 
  (not sure if this fixed yet).
* You cannot die, if you die the game will load the last autosave 
  (the game autosaves every jump).
* If one of your fleet destroyed, it's not even destroyed, they'll 
  retreat and rejoin you after a jump.
* You can also manually tell your fleet to retreat. Transporter cost a 
  lot to repair, so let them retreat early if you end up intercepted on 
  the mission.
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