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Soulcaster: Part 2 Cheats

Soulcaster: Part 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Open My Documents/SavedGames/Soulcaster/Soulcaster folder/AllPlayers. 
Open "autosave.sav" in notepad or any other text editor. Find the tag 
[Password] and past these inside this tag. On xbox version, this 
passwords may have different effects.

Password                     Effect
-----HVTACRP-------A--ZC   - stage 2, hard mode, 99990 Gold
-GPI-FP+IC+!CIRIRIRUL-PC   - stage 4, hard mode, 6 orbs, 
                             all upgrades to maximum, 99999
SDM#-ALBTA-A----+#HRLRH+   - stage 4, normal mode, 5 orbs, 
                             all upgrades to maximum, all items, 0 gold
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