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SimCasino Cheats


Submitted by: David K.

Some Last Tips I Find Very Useful!:
Written by Jip.

* Keep 1 slot game open to use as a "set setting game". 
  This will let you set new slot machines up much faster!
* If you set ur slot machines on a low single/double win-rate 
  your guests will get very frustrated!
* Slots Machines will make much more $ then table games.
* When u press Z on your keyboard you will toggle all zones!
* When u press V on your keyboard u can quickly copy / paste 
  almost everything!
* Under the building menu you'll have the option "clone area tool"
  This can come in really handy in you would like to copy/paste 
  hotel rooms or bathrooms!

I hope this tutorial was useful for you guys! 
Good luck making the big bucks!

Making money with Slots:
Written by lassombra

Welcome to our SimCasino Making money with Slots Guide ! Slots have gone through a 
number of balance changes, and now require a bit of management to get to be successful. 
But you can make significant profit off of slots – you just have to know what to do.

We’ll keep you upgraded with extra information once they are released.

-=Basic Theory=-
The basic theory of this guide follows from what happens in a real casino. You can 
play at a penny slot for literal hours on $20. That isn’t profitable by the time you
count running costs, maintenance costs, certification costs, etc. Slots cost money 
to run and penny slots don’t make that money back.

But they keep guests at the casino, they keep them playing and ultimately probably 
extract a small amount of cash.

So the key to any casino is to “graduate” your players to higher priced slots. When 
a new player enters the casino, it’s rare for them to just go straight to $5 slots. 
They’re going to start at penny or nickel slots, and might never go beyond quarter 
slots. So you push those slots but make them unattractive to more confident gamblers.

So ultimately the core strategy involves having a few penny and nickel slots to 
increase confidence and then a bunch of expensive slots to make lots of money.
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