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Shop Titans Cheats

Shop Titans

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

What should I be crafting and using resources on as a beginner?:
-=What to focus on with Crafting=-
Craft all item lines up to around tier 4 or 5, then pick an item type you want to 
commit to and start the journey of unlocking that items higher tiers.

Recommended Spending:
Invest in your own shop: Upgrade racks and bins, buy new expansions, craft slots, 
hero slots.

-=Fortune Tokens=-
Optimal return is to buy Gems, Shards, or Feathers; but you get so many of 
these its up to you.

-=Guild Coins=-
Resource bin refills! Other option are grab bags, but itís a gamble and refills 
are 100%.

-=Blueprint Shards=-
Use these sparingly early on, and then focus them all into your chosen item type.

-=Ascension Shards=-
Invest these into the item type line you chose to focus, save the rest for later 
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