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Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North Cheats

Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Combat Mechanics:
Line of Sight: The game uses a line of sight system that determines which enemies 
are visible to the player, which can be attacked and whether an event affects 

Cover: Cover is critical to victory as it provides a significant degree of 
protection. Cover can be either full or half and is directional, meaning that 
standing behind cover provides protection from only certain directions. 
This is indicated by the shield icons displayed in the battle UI when hovering 
the mouse over a position on the battlefield.

Morale: Each character and enemy has a morale value that determines their current 
fighting spirit and enthusiasm. When a character is hurt or sees an ally fall or 
enemies arrive in the battle from a new direction, his or her morale goes down. 
Conversely, when they are healed, see an enemy fall or see allies arrive, their 
morale goes up. Units with high morale are more likely to hit their enemies and 
those with low morale are more likely to miss with their attacks. If a unitís 
morale goes to zero, they will panic and be unable to perform skills for several 
Intimidation: The intimidation stat determines how imposing a character is to their 
enemies. Characters with high intimidation will more greatly impact enemy morale 
when they score a hit or kill an enemy.
Suppression: Even if your missile attacks miss their mark, they will still lower 
the morale of their target. They will also lower the morale of any other characters 
(friend and foe) that are within a 2 tile radius of the original target. Therefore, 
launching heavy volleys of arrows and magical bolts is a great way to weaken the 
morale of a cluster of enemies before you send in your fighters to finish the job 
in melee.
Counter Attacks: When your character attacks an enemy, that enemy will perform an 
attack back if they have any counter attacks remaining and your character is within
their attack range.
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