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Shadow Empire Cheats

Shadow Empire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

How to Build First Asset:
Written by maerchen

A guide on how to get your first asset, brought to you by your 
economic council.

Congratulations, you just saved enough IP and metal to build your 
first mine/farm/whatever.

You click to build it but then it takes ages to do so? Maybe you do not
have the machine parts to build it.

In your resource info of the 1st SHQ to the left of the main screen, 
you see the amount of resources you have or have not. See the little 
drill symbol? That are machines you own or not.

To build or upgrade higher tech assets, you need machines. If you 
start without rain or surface water on a planet, you want to build 
your first ice mine asap, as your crops need water. Luckily, the 
game always provides you with one water source, normally a 
prospected but not built water source.

-=How to Get Machines=-
* As you spread your empire, you will conquer free people's villlages. 
  With a little luck you find some machines.
* If not, go to Trade on the right, and buy two and only two machines. 
  These are enough to build your vital asset.
* When you were prescient enough, you nationalized your Recycling 
  facility on turn one. With 20 metal, IP and rare metals each, you 
  can produce one machine.
* During the advanced game, you will research heavy industry. This 
  will need a lot of energy, workers and metal, but it wil produce 40 
  machines each turn.
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