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ScourgeBringer Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement Tips:
Written by Jason Funderburker

-=First, some stuff=-
I want to say that im no expert in this game and i don’t think 
there is a right o wrong way to play this game (or any game) for 
that reason i will not say things like “i used this weapon,mod a
nd blessing so you must do it!!”.

These are just recommendations and tips that might or might not 
help you.

This “guide” will cover only a few achievements, not all of them.

-=Master Explorer=-
* While it says every realm, you can get this achivement in the 
  normal mode, so it’s only 5 realms.
* However, all rooms includes secret rooms, the best way i know to 
  discover secret rooms is by throwing enemies at the walls and/or 
  shooting the walls. Fury and deflected bullets also works.
* You should do the shooting in combat, so you can recharge your 
* The strength of the oak

* Basically, you must beat the game without healing or shielding 
* The upgrades from the tree are ok.
* You start with 10 hp (with the upgrades) and that needs to last 
  till the end.
* I think this is the hardest achievement because you literally 
  need to “get good” to do it, there is nothing else. 
  I recommend leaving it for last.

-=Some General Stuff=-
* All achievements can be obtained in the normal mode, except for 
  Embracing Chaos, Being Chaos and the story related.
* You should disable cursed altars. while it might be useful in 
  some cases it’s better to leave it normal when you are trying 
  to get achievements.
* For the “Chaos” achivements i recommend going directly for “Being 
  Chaos”. and for the “challenges”, while you can pick whatever you 
  want, i don’t recommend choosing “Dangerous Challenge” , this might
  seem like a good idea for the first realms but in the last realm 
  this can make you run very hard.
* The secrets achievements are story related, there are 4 endgame 
  choices (2 nomal, 2 chaos) and one achievement for each.
* When shopping, smash items to get the best stuff, usually is a 
  combination of two items. There is a blessing that helps with the 
  prices, but generally it’s worth it. DON’T BE GREEDY.
* This is obvious, but you should smash items you don’t need. while 
  atempting “Strength of the oak” this includes hp and shields. this
  gives you more money for upgrades and weapons.
* Don’t buy from Lefanu, unless you are really desperate. he doesn’t
  offer anything you can’t get from the others.
* You should explore every room in every realm.
* The final boss in normal mode is a construct, and the final boss in 
  chaos mode is a devil.
* A weapon with the right MOD can make these fights way easier. this 
  applies to any boss/enemy that might give you trouble.
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