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Samorost 3 Cheats

Samorost 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Level Codes:
Select the "Load Level" option at the bottom left corner,
then enter one of the following case-sensitive passwords.

Level     Password
Level 1 - POKLOP  
Level 2 - SOPOUCH  
Level 3 - KOMPOTARNA  
Level 4 - BUDOAR  
Level 5 - PLANINA  
Level 6 - LESIK  
Level 7 - MAJAK

General Tips:
* Get very close to the edge of the screen and then tap again on 
  the edge to see a little arrow. Itís easy to miss, but once you
  know to look for it, the game opens up.
* There are achievements throughout the game that you can earn by 
  exploring more and earn credits for it.
* Saving frequently at different locations so if you miss something 
  it would be easy to go back.
* When you see a creature or object emitting sound waves, drag your 
  flute to it. Youíll then listen to it and sometimes play music back
  to get a hint from the creature of what it wants from you.
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