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Salt and Sanctuary Cheats

Salt and Sanctuary

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Remote Play Guide:
Written by dinodog1998

This is a guide to teach people how to Play Salt and Sanctuary Online through 
remote play.

Requirements to Host Someone online include the following:

2nd participant to own a controller.
Host and 2nd participant to have semi decent internet to prevent lagging.
It helps if the 2nd participant is not cross country, although it still works 
if your connection is good enough.
Host must own a controller for bare minimum taking control of the 2nd participant if 
he disconnects to send him home. (Needs verification on if it is possible to run 
without host owning a controller at all).
(needs verification) Host must have 2 controllers to allow them to use a controller 

2nd participant does not need to own game.
Remote play at time of posting is in its beta, therefore might have bugs.
This game Saves off of The Hosts files the 2nd participant's personal progress 
is meaningless.
It helps if the host and 2nd Participant have a mic, as if the host Shift tabs, 
(pops up steam's In-Game menu) the game for the 2nd Participant is paused Salt 
and Sanctuary does not pause even when 2nd participant can not control his character.

-=Steps to Playing Online=-
Step 1
Have host start Game.

Step 2
Have Host Shift, Tab (or pop up steams in-game menu).

Step 3
Click friends list and desired friend you wish to Remote Play with, and Click 
"Remote Play".

Step 4
Make sure your not killing their ears and adjust the volume of their game based on 
what they say. I have personally have had the volume be ultra loud. Just make sure 
this is not the case.

Step 5
(Optional) This step can be skipped if the host already has created a character that 
the 2nd participant is willing to use.

Have the 2nd participant Click any key / button on the Title Screen to allow them to 
Start new game and create character to their desires, and hopefully defeat unspeakable 
deep, to wash up on shore.

Note: if host controls the 2nd participant at anytime during this the 2nd participant 
permanently looses control till returned to title screen.

Step 6
Have host once the 2nd participant has his character find his way to the first 
Sanctuary, so long as they chose Stone Sellsword as starting gift, Offer up the stone 
sellsword to the shrine and Click "Hire" when talking to him.

Step 7
Have 2nd participant Click A/X on the controller to allow them to select from the list 
of characters and join in.
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