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Sakura Cupid Cheats

Sakura Cupid

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Harem Ending Guide:
Just a short guide on how to get the harem ending in Sakura Cupid. 
This guide is based on my personal opinion of choices to achieve the 
harem ending, so I hope it helps :)

I have put this together to help you get the harem ending, its pretty 
straight forward and I hope you enjoy the route :)

Apart from the achievements from the normal route in the story, I'm only 
mentioning two achievements to be achieved during this route: 
Three's a Crowd and Haremly Ever After.

-=The Choices=-
Here is the order of choices I have put together for the ending.

* Try and flatter Mitsuki
* I don't believe in monogomy
* I wanted to see you Mitsuki
* Let Mitsuki share your bed
* Nobody else can see you dressed like this but me
* Save yourself while you still can

Shortly after, Serra will now appear at the park and attempt to take 
Lilum back to heaven.

* Yes, you're super adorable
* I won't go down without a fight
* Try and flatter Serra
* Warn Serra of the unspeakable horrors of that omelette

The third option should now be available while at the theme park

* Look around the park together
* Achievement unlocked - Three's a Crowd

* Invite Serra into bed with you
* I want you and Mitsuki to be safe
* Wait for Serra

Continue the story until the end for the other gallery picture. 
Other achievement unlocked Haremly Ending.
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