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Road Redemption Cheats

Road Redemption

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Driving Tips:
Here are some tips and tricks, in no particular order:

* Normally, when you approach a biker/bikers from the rear, when you draw even 
with them, you all start going the same speed even though you were clearly going 
faster than them. Conversely, if you are abreast of some bikers and hit the nitro 
boost, once you cross an undefined threshold of distance away from them, they 
likely won't be able to catch up with you. 

* Don't drive on the left-hand side of the road unless you're on a straightaway 
and can see what's coming at you. Getting wiped out by oncoming traffic can ruin 
your chances of winning a race, as well as cause that vein to start throbbing in 
your forehead. 

* The emergency brake is a magic button that not only decreases your forward 
momentum, but also redirects it. This game loves to throw sharp curves at you out 
of nowhere, but the emergency brake seems to slow you down and spin your bike's 
trajectory in whatever direction you're holding, so clever use of it can save 
you from driving off the road. 

* Paradoxically, you can also use the emergency brake to give you supernatural 
control while nitro boosting. 

* It's very easy to crash if you hit something head-on, but very hard to crash 
if you slam into something from the side. If you miss a sharp turn and get hurled 
into the barrier, just hit nitro and you'll scrape along the rail at high speed 
and come out, suprisingly, with all of your skin. 

* Once you get jump boosters from the rooftop track, you can use this to great 
effect to hop over obstacles in your path. This is especially useful in the LSD 
levels. Just take care not to use it on turns, or you'll fly right off the track. 

* If you do find yourself off the road, a quick nitro boost is usually sufficient 
to get you back on track without losing too much ground. For this reason, it's a 
good idea to always keep a bit of nitro in reserve for such situations. 

* If you go WAY offroad, or find yourself on the side of a hill, or are a bit 
offroad but have no nitro, you can always hit Escape and click 'Put me on the 
track'. You'll lose a bit of health, but you won't be nearly as far behind.

How to Unlock All Bikes+Riders for Single Player?:
Written by Pervy Purring Angel

If for whatever reason you don't want to grind, here's an easy way to unlock all 
motorbikes. You can also change other specs of the game if you feel like doing it. 

To do all that, follow the steps below.

-=How to find and open it?=-
* Go to 'My Documents' folder.
* Find there 'Road Redemption' folder and open it.
* Then open the 'Saves' folder.
* Find "0_0.save" file and open it with 'Notepad'.
* Unlock all SP motorbikes
* In the notepad find the following line:

< unlockAllRidersAndBikes >

It will be set to "false" if you haven't unlocked everything. 
Instead of "false", set it to "true".
After you do that it will look like this:

< unlockAllRidersAndBikes >true

That's all you need to do to unlock all single player bikes.

Note: You can also change: number of melee kills, money acquired, stats for the 
character, riders used to beat campaign, etc. Just look around and change what you 
feel like needed. Just make sure you make a backup of the file first.

Below I'll show one of the last examples:

Unlock SP riders (Riders used to beat campaign)
You should have the 1st rider by default when you beat campaign the 1st time.
Here's the list of all of them for single player 
(Just paste them same way, so they look like in the image below):

< ridersUsedToBeatCampaign>
< string>42d4c07d-b842-40e6-9f12-aafde7503f06
< string>b3ab6ef8-8602-48d6-8e2c-ec459f859ead
< string>f6400b70-ea0d-494c-ba2e-70e675c559a5
< string>6c597860-3c71-4367-bd59-e08f09b89bf2
< string>d4df5b37-2e33-4713-897b-a2a584ef4b25
< string>9e7deea5-6bab-49c4-93f5-cab4bfa11b4c
< string>c89de770-afaa-41f9-bc0a-683ef081393b
< string>a0fb9bbf-9340-43a0-98c4-623c8ec6fc3a
< string>b2796153-c3fc-42dc-b4a9-02b9d5e40262
< string>8e79618e-9dc9-476d-9c8f-f58a99d9baaa
< string>7654e21f-220c-4e45-bfaf-3880ddb210ed
< string>f72d4176-876a-4913-9a8f-3a7485bafcc7

After you paste it, make sure you save the file. And then just play the game.
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