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Rise to Ruins Cheats

Rise to Ruins

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Increase the Number of Building Slots:
Written by BrendyBear

This simple guide will detail how to increase the number of building slots you 
have in Rise to Ruins. This guide is about ingame mechanics, not mods or cheats.

There are 3 ways to increase the number of building slots you have.

They are:

* Upgrading the village centre.
* Building ancilleries.
* Upgrading ancilleries.

The level of the village centre will also determine how many ancilleries you can 
build. You can build 1 ancillery for each level of the village centre, up to 15 
total. The maximum building slots will be achieved when you have fully upgraded 
the village centre, built all 15 ancilleries, and fully upgraded all 15 ancilleries. 
This will result in a maximum number of building slots of 266.

The village centre starts off with 8 building slots. The first 3 upgrades will 
increase building slots by 4 each upgrade. The next 11 upgrades will increase 
building slots by 6 each upgrade. There are 14 upgrades in total, giving a maximum 
building slots of 86 from the village centre.

Each new ancillery will increase the building slots by 4. You can build a maximum 
of 15 ancilleries with a fully upgrade village centre. All 15 makeshift ancilleries 
will increase the building slots by 60.

Each ancillery upgrade will increase the building slots by 2. There are 4 upgrades 
for each ancillery. This results in a single fully upgraded ancillery increasing the 
building slots by 12. All 15 fully upgraded will increase building slots by 180.

I am currently unaware of any perks in the game that increase the maximum number of 
building slots, but they may exist. The above numbers are without perks (if they 
exist), and for the InDev30 version of Rise to Ruins.
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