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Receiver 2 Cheats

Receiver 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Halzoid98.

This guide contains all cheat codes currently known...

Receiver 2 contains cheat codes all carry over from the previous game 
along with some new ones.

All cheats can be inputted by simply typing during gameplay, 
no console required!

-=Receiver 1 Cheats (Carried Over)=-

IDDQD - God mode.
IDKFA - Gives full ammo (careful to spell it right... K is now an instakill key).
SLOMO - Ultra slow motion.

-=Receiver 2 Cheats=-
INSIGHT  - Force Rank up.
RECEIVER - +1 Tape.
NOCLIP   - No Clip...

-=The Debug Menu=-
Contains massive spoilers!!!

Use Ctrl + F12 on the pause menu to activate.

Opening the debug menu gives access to more cheats and options. as well as 
this it includes some features that aren't even included in the game. 
Bear in mind it is buggy and very likely to cause issues.

It is not a supported feature!

It was used by the developers to use during testing. If you get bugs or crashes 
during it's use, it's technically user error, not the games fault.

That aside here are a few features (and spoilers):

* Becoming invisible to enemies.
* Removing all enemies.
* Piloting drone enemies.
* Spawning enemies.
* Loading levels/force loading cells (some spoilers in level names and level files.

The debug menu also contains some enemies that aren't in the game, such as alluding 
to "game ending bosses", like the GUNSHIP or Sniper (the sniper semi works).

There are also some enemies that aren't in the spawner list but are mentioned in 
the cell edits those being trip mines, power leech and bomb bots (bomb bots have 
a WIP model but don't function in-game).

As well as this there are cut levels, notably a receiver compound, shooting range 
and a test level that contains bomb bot. plus a level that contains a Receiver 
1 style ending.
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