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Project - Snowblind Cheats

Project - Snowblind

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Easy kills:
Enemies that are not Bosses can be killed with the ice pick. One hit and they are down.
After about a second you hear the sound of the ice pick breaking their spine.

Using Spiderbots:
If you want to control your Spiderbot, then use the icepick.

Defeating the Crazy General:
The most effective technique is to slow down time and hit him with a full railgun shot; 
the alternate fire of the railgun; or the alternate fire of the shotgun. However, you 
must first disable his shield with an EMP grenade. Once done, you will do substantial 
damage. It will break into a intermission sequence and spiderbots will appear. Kill 
themm then resume fighting the general. If you have enough Bio Energy, repeat the 
previous tactic. If not, use the EMP, then the alternate fire of the railgun or shotgun.
The shotgun is easier to hit him with, but does less damage. After you inflict more 
damage, walkers will appear. Destroy them with the method of your choosing (rocket 
launcher recommended). Then, once again resume the fight with the general. This is his
last round, spare no expense. Wear down or use an EMP on his shield, then kill him 
with massive fire power, or one of the alternate attacks of the railgun or shotgun.

Constant Crashing?:
I've just started playing the windows port of this game, which is good fun, overall.
However, it is notorious for constant, random crashes every 10-15 minutes, which 
combined with the fact it uses a console save point system, with saves a good 20 
minutes apart or more, can leave you seeing red. (speaking from experience.) 
Try the following:

* Go to Start Menu\Eidos\Snowblind\setup, and disable full-screen effects. Although this 
  has helped some people, it didn't stop my crashes. It did, however, stop the game from 
  being unplayably jerky, and it may help you.

* If you have a dual-core or HT system: After you start the game, hit ctrl-alt-del, go 
  to processes, and look for 'snowblind.exe'. Right-click on it, select 'processor 
  affinity', and uncheck cpu1. This has solved my crashes, although you have to do it
  each time you run the game. There are some free-ware apps (such as Prioaff ) which will 
  modify your Snowblind shortcut to do the same thing.

Revenge level:
You must destroy rods that hang from the ceiling, but before you do that you must 
open them up using the yellow control panel. When you go out of the control panel 
screen lots of men will run in the room from the balcony and from the ground. The 
easiest way to kill all of them is to send three Nano Swarms around the room and 
let them do the work.

Escape level:
All you have to do is run. It is probably easier to run past your enemies than to kill
them. Remember to jump over the bridges as they will collapse even before you step on

No alarms:
You can use the Gravity Gun to turn off alarms from far off. If you get seen and the
alarm goes off, just point it towards the red square and push it forward. This will 
save you time dealing with the NPCs. 
This is especially helpful when dealing with the invisible guys.

Stained glass:
Go to the area after you face the man in the mech in the Riot level. Look up at the 
stained glass using the sniper scope. There are pictures of naked women on the glass.

"Peter And The Wolf" reference:
In the introduction cinematic for Stage 5: Rampage, the Chinese soldier shown is 
whistling the overture to "Peter and the Wolf".

Hhow to hit alarms from far distance:
use the gravitational gun to shoot the alarm and it will be set off.
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