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Project Highrise: Las Vegas Cheats

Project Highrise: Las Vegas

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

1.Save Location:
Locate your save files in AppData/LocalLow/SomaSim/Project Highrise Las Vegas/saves 
AppData is a hidden folder by default, so to access it press Windows + R and type 
this in the box: %appdata% Then press enter. 

If you have the former, go back one directory to AppData, if the latter, do nothing.
Then you just go into LocalLow/SomaSim/Project Highrise Las Vegas/saves and all your 
saves are there. Your saves have a png and sion file, the png file is the thumbnail,
while the sion is what’s important. You need a better editor than notepad, I suggest
Notepad++ for this, and this guide is written for Notepad++. Open the .sion file with 
Notepad++ and you’ll be presented with all your game data, now it is time to edit it!

2. Locating & Editing Data:
Now you have your save file, I’m using a quick default one to show you what to do. 
Now you need to go into your game and note down the value you want to change, for 
example money. If you have 1000 money then search for 1000 in your document until 
you find something that looks like this (your number values will obviously be different)
In this example “money { [value #]” is set to “money { [value 99999]”, but if you had 
1000 money that number would be 1,000, all you simply do is change that number to your
desired value (for example: 99999).
Now you can play Project Highrise Las Vegas with none of that “work” or “difficulty”, 
you can just build awesome structures.
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