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Pocket Waifu Cheats

Pocket Waifu

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
When there's some confusion to what you should be doing to progress, there are some 
mistakes you'll want to avoid and get the most out of the 2 days of VIP as it gives 
you extra coins when playing games while the other things only give you hearts. 
Tending to needs = Affection = EXP = What you need to bring a girl to the next 
relationship stage. 

-=How to Get As Far As Possible=-
When a girls need is maxed you can't get any Affection from it anymore but you can 
still get coins and gems from games.

Take priority in playing games so you'll be rich and maxing out the lust bar gives 
you progress in achievements for free gems, unless your Happiness is maxed or you 
need to work on their "Daily Wish" then get Affection in the other needs first so 
you can still get Affection.
Take item priority on your newest girl and befriend them as that is the only way to 
befriend them.

Only use gems on the consumables you need in the shop for the "Level up requirements" 
or you won't be able to level up.

When your girls reach Lv 3 their Affection will be capped and you'll have "Level up 
requirements" that you need to do first before you can level them up.

Don't waste any purchasable resources on Mary (1st girl) to attempt to speed her 
leveling since one of her "level up requirements" is 3 daily game tasks which takes 
3 days so she will likely be at max cap easily for a while if you've been logging in 

Extra Stuff:
You can get a free time warp of sleep time if the demon girl (by clicking on her face) 
appears on the left as you put a girl to sleep (seems random or i'm guessing she stops 
appearing for maybe a week after you've done it like 5 times).

Generally you want to play games instead of poking to gain affection. 

Each poke you give a gives you +2 affection, +2 happiness, -2 energy. I still think 
Playing games is better as you still want the coins while you have VIP, unless you 
have a poking task since 26 energy = 26 affection (with pokes) and 25 energy = 47-86 
affection (depending on the total star amount).
Even if a girl is at max happiness you can still gain affection through gifts.

Level-up Requirements:
Written by I Might Get NBN Soon

Level-up Requirements when your girls are at Lv 3+. 

Mary Green

-=Level 4=-
* Give 5 Single Roses 
* Complete 3 Daily Game Tasks 
* Get 2 New Clothes 
* Complete 2 Daily Wishes 

-=Level 5=-
* Use Rain Forest Incense 3 times 
* Poke 150 times 
* Use Deceptive Yerba Mate once 
* Use Creamy Guarna Shake once 

-=Level 6=-
* 2 Stars in All Minigames 
* Give Daisy Trapped in Amber once 
* Visit 3 days in a row 
* Get 1 Momento 
* Complete 2 Weekly tasks 

Sakaki Shimizu

-=Level 5=-
* Poke 250 times 
* Get 2 Momentos 
* Complete 2 Weekly tasks 
* Get 2 New Clothes 

Cleo Loring

-=Level 4=-
* Use Pheromone Spray 3 times 
* Complete 3 Daily Game Tasks 
* Get 2 New Clothes 

Raquel Cardoso

-=Level 4=-
* Use Yubari King Melon 
* Use Gold Glitter 
* Give Creamy Champagne 

Anabelle Cumming

-=Level 3=-
* Use Salmon 3 times 
* Use Fish & Chips 3 times 
* Give Daisy Trapped in Amber once 
* Give Theatre Tickets once 
* Visit 3 days in a row
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