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Planet Zoo Cheats

Planet Zoo

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to walk around in the park as if you were a guest:
Have you ever wanted to walk around in your zoological park just like if you were a 
guest in it in Planet Zoo? While this is not something that is readily available in 
the game, it’s actually possible to do this by using a “cheat code”. Cheat codes in 
Planet Zoo works by having you rename a staff member, and their name is the cheat 
you want to use.

So if you want to just lock down the camera and walk around in the park as a guest, 
rename any staff member to “tegidcam“, save their name change, and you are ready to 
go! Just change their name back again to something else when you are done with this 
new perspective of your zoo.

Sandbox Mode:
You can make animals immortal in sandbox mode. As someone who has accidentally allowed 
animals to starve to death, contract diseases, and sustain horrible injuries, let me 
tell you: it’s heartbreaking. If you play on sandbox mode you can turn all that off. 
Obviously it’s not realistic, but it might make you happier. And while your human 
staff members don’t age and die, they do sometimes quit. You can turn that off too,
and force them to work for eternity in your immortal, undying zoo.

Some Useful tips and tricks regarding how to maintain your zoo:
Security & Caretakers: If you’re trying to increase your profits, it’s worth setting 
both of these staff to patrol heavy-traffic areas. When vandalism and rubbish occurs,
guests become extremely unhappy.

Educational Speakers: When you place down educational speakers (which the guests love) 
you’ll notice a heatmap. You’ll want to place speakers down in blue areas rather than 
red. If your speakers overlap, guests happiness will drop very quickly. 

Solar Panels: You can place these all around your zoo. Guests don’t object to seeing
them like they do with staff buildings. Also as an added bonus, they don’t cost any 

Water Purifiers: These keep lakes and areas of water clean. This will remove the 
“cleanliness from last water source” debuff that you may have seen. 

Guest Facilities: Don’t build any drink shops until you have at least 300+ guests. 
Food shops should be around 500+ guests, balloon stores 800+, and information 
stands at 1000+ guests. 

Water Requirements: Some animals like the Nile Monitor require a water source. The 
requirements are by square meter (quantity, not surface area). This means you can 
save money and space by building down into the ground. As long as there is a slope
for them to get out, it doesn’t matter how deep the pool is.

Enrichment Toys: Whilst these are designed for the animals, they’re also designed 
for guests too. If you place enrichment toys and feeders close to the glass, your 
animals will move closer to the guests. This means guests will be happier and make
bigger donations.

How to Visit Other Parks:
A lot of players are wondering how they can visit other parks in Planet Zoo, seeing 
as they will occasionally see other players in their own zoo. So, how do you visit 
other zoos in Planet Zoo?

The answer is that this is not something that happens actively, but it is instead a 
passive activity that will randomly happen without you noticing. Whenever you 
download something from the workshop or interact with another player, you get tied 
to that player’s zoo, and have a small chance to visit that player. This means that
this other player will occasionally see your avatar in their own zoo, but you will 
not notice this happening.

So unfortunately you cannot go around and visit and browse other people’s zoos as 
you wish, so if you want to take a look at their zoo, you will need to go to the 
Workshop on Steam, or check them out on YouTube or Twitch.

PS. if you ever see another player visiting your own zoo, make sure to greet them 
in order to get 20 Conservation Credits!
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