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Pizza Connection 3 Cheats

Pizza Connection 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Start (Beginners Guide):
Written by Tomate Salat

It is really hard to make profit with your restaurant. I've tried several things but 
nothing worked for me. Even starting an endless game with the setting active to have 
a running restaurant at game start also made no profit.

-=Don't Start with a Restaurant!=-
My approach (that looks promiseful): Don't start with a restaurant!

The costs are horrible and at least the stock will kill you. I always bought more 
incredients than I could use and they were very expensive. So I took an example of 
the campaign and startet with a food-truck. The benefit of it: limited stock and 
you can choose the best location without paying rent. When you've placed your 
food-truck then create some pizzas for the customers arround you. I started with 
2 Pizzas (with about 100% margin) to reach some customers. Well, my food truck 
made profit! From the profit I started researching to get "Marketing I". 
With that I created a pizza for my fat-with-money-customers. 
(It was interessting how many incredients I'd to put on the pizza to create 
something they ... at least like). 

-=Comparing the Numbers=-
Now I can present some numbers. My best working restaurant created a profit of about 
150 and I could've needed at least to 300 MORE to have some margin. That restaurant 
was very cheap in rent, I'd only one poor delivery guy and choosed an architecture 
where my stock was very little.

With my foodtruck I have a MARGIN of 2000 ... nearly 3000 every day!

-=Marketing 1=-
I've just figured out how important marketing 1 is. I took one of my two "starter 
pizzas" and improved it with the help of the information I got from the marketing 1 
upgrade. Now my margin is greater than 3000. 
So you really want to have this upgrade before you start your first restaurant!

-=Optimize Your Food Truck=-
I just did some optimisation of my food truck and now I had an overall margin of 
5163! How I did it? I will explain:

-=Optimize what you have=-
After I found a good spot (university) I'd edited my pizzas created before I got 
the Marketing-1-upgrade (mentioned in the section before). Then I'd a deeper look 
on my cashflow and which pizzas were sold in past. One of them were made for 
workers but no one wanted to have them. So I removed them from my offer. 

-=Now your buyers=-
In the next step I'd a look on the statistics panel. I've choosen my food truck 
and had a look on how satisfied my customers are. Why? Here I can see which groups 
bought my pizza. In my case I now found out that I'd to target teenagers as well. 
So I created and offered a pizza for them as well

-=Now your limits!=-
My truck has only a limit of stock. Too less to cover 3 types of pizza. With two 
pizzas I gained over 1k per day and with the third one only 100 or 200. So I 
kicked this one out so that I am able to sell more of the other two types of pizza. I
n the end I adjusted a little bit priority so that the better pizza will store more 
of its incredients than the weaker one. 

Numbers: Money I gained in the last day from my two pizzas:

* Pizza1: 3927 
* Pizza2: 2074

Ho-=w to Go on From Here=-

Now I've saved this game as my "boilerplate". My next step is to figure out how 
to use that margin to create a profitable restaurant. 

-=A couple of thinkings to this from me:=-

* Keep the storage room as little as possible 
  (it is to expensive to keep it filled up).
* Try to figure out in how far warehouses will help me keeping my costs low.
* Having not more delivery guys as really ... really needed!
* Hire more advanced stuff (I now able to pay them).
* Create more suitable pizzas with the help of the Marketing I upgrade.
* May doing some more research before starting with an own restaurant 
  (at this point I've tier 1 completed).
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