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Pit People Cheats

Pit People

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Important Notes:
Written by Canis

* Troll Moms dont spawn 100% of the time. You might have to go in a battle and/or 
  go into the town and come back out one or twice so it spawns.
* I'll try to find a spawn on each avalable map, please dont yell at me if I miss 
  an obscure spot. (Helpful pointers are encouraged, however!)
* Troll Moms are always accompanied by at least 2 other units. From my experience, 
  troll moms have a good chance to be accompanied by 2 mascots in a troll costume, 
  but they can spawn with a variety of troll and non-troll units, also. Be prepared!

All Secret Lever Locations:
Guide that shows the secret Lever locations placed on the overworld map. 
Activating all provides loot. Guide includes all 4 areas, each with 6 levers.

-=Area 1 “Grasslands”=-
This area has 6 Levers.
Clockwise from top:

* Manor of Whoa
* Fudge Maker’s Bay
* King Dualcore’s Robozone
* Dumpy Times Vale
* Goldie Twist’s Basin of Buttes
* The Lost Fountain of Ruth

-=Area 2 “Riverlands”=-
This area has 6 Chalice-looking things (Blue Pedestals).
Starting from top, then moving mostly counterclockwise to the closest node:

* Happy Birthmaze
* Lushabye Lane
* Manor of Whoa
* Snake Pits of Tranquility
* Temple of Assume
* The Sea of Spikes

-=Area 3 “Desert Center”=-
This area has 6 Buttons (Pedestals with Green Buttons).
Start from top, then moving counterclockwise:

* unnamed area (North of Castle Shredmore)
* Fields of the Gastromancer
* Woods of Serious Wrongness
* Honeyhaunch’s Hideout
* Treat Retreat Retirement Home
* Chasm of Deep Thoughts

-=Area 4 “Grave Center”=-
This area has 6 Switchboards.
Starting from top, moving clockwise:

* Stay-Put Penitentiary
* Terror Twig Passage
* Islands of Impalement
* The I-52 Low Way
* The No Friend Zone
* Forest of Rotten Delights
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