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Pine Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Increase Inventory Size:
You can increase your inventory size to make space for new items. Grob will give you 
quests for delivering him Amphiscus Orbs. The first 5 unlocks more inventory slots 
(from 10 to 20), then the next 25 unlocks even more inventory slots (from 20 to 40).

How to Solve Tomb Gazer Quest:
Written by Ishkibibble

To be clear, I'm fairly sure this is only a problem due to a placement mistake that 
I can only hope will be fixed soon.

Part one and part two of the map in the room you found is fine. If you're like me me, 
it's part three that's super confusing. The way I managed to proceed onward is as 

1.Pull the levers in the order listed on the map. It looks like it's drawing a line, 
  but you only have to pull the four on the pillar that have a mark on them.

2.Once you do this, four torches will raise from the ground in area 2. Light only the 
  north torch, and the east one. That's the torch on the opposite side of the pillar 
  room door, and opposite the map room door.

3.This one took me forever, but I managed to find a solution that works, though it 
  may not be the right one. In the middle of the compass rose, directly above is a 
  wooden platform. Though it's hard to see, on the platform is one of those target 
  switches. For some reason, this target is laying on it's side- I'm guessing it was 
  placed wrong by a dev.

If you got out to the pillar switch room, you should be able to just barely clip the 
target with the slingshot, lowering the door and letting you continue!

Good luck with the rest of the game!
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