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Overgrowth Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Activate the editor from inside any level by hitting F1. Return to character 
control with the 8 key. Once the editor is activated, open it up again (while
controlling the character) by hitting ESC.

You can also access the editor by using the Top Bar -> File menu. Create a 
new level with File -> New Level, or open an existing level with File -> 
Open Level, or File -> Open Recent.

You can leave the editor mode and go back to playing by hitting the 8 key. 
You can also do this through Top Bar -> Edit -> Play Level. Once you’ve 
activated editor mode once, the Esc key brings up the editor again.

List of debug/cheat keys:
Once you’ve activated the editor mode, you can also use debug/cheat keys:

1-7 swap your player character to a different gender or species. 
   Hit the key again to pick a different random theme/color scheme Tab 
  switch the game to slow motion
` key (on the same key as ~) to pause the game. The game will remain paused 
  when going into the editor, so you can use this trick to get screenshots 
  that capture action
F shoot your laser eyes and kill everything around you. Seriously cheap! 
  But useful while making a level
L instantly restart the level
X revive you and everyone else on the map
, trigger a throat-cut on yourself (triggers respawn a bit differently, so 
  sometimes more useful when testing if you “fall through” the level on respawn)
Z ragdoll yourself
N pain-ragdoll yourself
M limp-ragdoll yourself
B burn the bunny
V trigger a battle cry, and cause non-static friendly NPCs to follow you
+ increase FOV
– decrease FOV
1 respawn as a rabbit (guard, Turner or raider)
2 respawn as a civilian rabbit (sometimes male, sometimes female)
3 respawn as a cat
4 respawn as a rat
5 respawn as a wolf
6 respawn as a dog
7 respawn as an ultra high tech in-joke
B Misc key, used for testing features in the game, changes from version to version 
  (currently: set player on fire)

Tips for Editor (Shortkeys):
Use in the Editor

* HOLD “ctrl+shift”, then press “P” to make a selected character player-controlled 
  (Vice versa for A.I.)
* While on a selected character, HOLD “ctrl” then press “P” for the color palette 
  to pop up.
* Press “~” to freeze time.
* Press “C” to stop the A.I. director. (Just makes hostiles friendly”
* Press “L” to restart the map. (Puts everything back to starting positions)
* While on a selected character, press “I” to open all three MAIN parameters of
  a character:
* Name and location on map, Color palette, and options of character; Scale, size 
  of body parts, aggression, and many other options.
* While on a selected character, press “U” for complex options of a selected 
  character. (Basically the same as above but cleaner and simpler to use.)
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