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Our Lovely Escape Cheats

Our Lovely Escape

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cold Ramen + In the Rose Vine Endings:
Written by Reina Orikasa

I suppose the images contain slight spoilers...

-=Choices Made=-
Character: Male (not sure if this actually matters).
Food choice: Spicy Yuzu Ramen.

You're right.

Food choice: Order spicy Yuzu Ramen (again).

Reprimand Lissa.
Ask how she feels.
Passed email minigame.

Enter Mayu Route.

Sleep together.

Continue to either In the Rose Vine or Cold Ramen End.

In the Rose Vine End

Forget it and let her sleep.
Give her the tonkatsu ramen.

In the Rose Vine End.

Cold Ramen End

Fight through it.
Forget it and let her sleep.

Cold Ramen End.

100% DoodelMail Guide:
Written by FlareBlitzed

Guide on how to get every choice in DoodelMail correct 
(18 possible email addresses so far).

A guide on all of the possible names that can pop up when organising Lissa’s emails 
during Our Lovely Escape. You will be given 5 random names out of a possible 18 that 
can appear (I believe so far replaying it about a hundred times), along with the 
subject heading and their message.

All 5 of the randomly selected names requires to be dealt with correctly to impress 
Lissa (or be chucked out of her office). If you do succeed, then a choice later on 
before the party doesn’t appear, keep that in mind. The success will also affect 
certain endings in Mayu’s route, but getting the DoodelMail part correct is only one 
of a few requirements, most of the requirements lays in Mayu’s route.
With each message given, there are 3 options in which you can do them, “Let me help 
you with that.” which we will label as “Help” below, “Stop wasting our time.” which 
we will label as “Stop” below, and last but not least the trash bin button near 
middle right/top right of the screen which we will label as “Trash” below.

If any of these are wrong in your game, or there are other names mentioned below, 
then by all means comment. Without further ado, let’s commence.

2hot 4u: Help
Akemi McCormick: Help
Aniam: Help
Gaki Gakilian: Trash
Lisa Myers: Help
Loopy: Stop
Lyss: Stop
Mayo N. Ays: Help
Mia M.: Help
Mimi Cosplay: Help
Minsoo P.: Help
Oto-Maiden Press: Help
Priya Kaur: Help
Rei Wakasu: Help
Reina R.: Trash
Ri Jin:Trash
Saiki K.: Help
Takal: Stop
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