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One Deck Dungeon Cheats

One Deck Dungeon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret Achievements:
Written by Vardig

A List of Secret Achievements with descriptions.

-=Riders on the Swarm=-
Face a swarm effect with 4 open doors, cover the wide box and survive!

Open all 4 doors while fleeing. Hopefully one of the encounters is either a 
Goblin or a Plague Rat. The armor box should say x[16]. Fight it and, as 
long as you cover the x[16] armor box and survive, the achievement will unlock.

-=The Better Part of Valor=-
Descend with 4 open doors.

Open all 4 doors. Beat an encounter and explore again for more doors, 
effectively eating up time. Use Archer's Heroic Feat to speed it up even 
more. Feel free to take some deliberate consequences in the form of time, 
leaving 6-8 cards in the deck. Pretty easy if timed well.

-=Flame Out=-
Lose a game by taking damage from the Flames effect.

Have a hero 1 hp away from death before fighting the Fire Elemental. 
Choose said hero and lose. Achievement unlocked!

-=Circling the Drain=-
Lose a game by converting an item with health due to the Drain effect.

Might take some time. You need to have 0 potions and have a health item. 
Be 1 hp away from death before fighting the Wraith. Convert the health item
to XP and game over man. But hey you got the achievement!
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