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Need for Speed Heat Cheats

Need for Speed Heat

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Losing Cops:
You escape chases by getting out of line of sight of all cop vehicles, which 
typically means getting them outside of the red circle shown around you on 
the minimap. As you reach higher heat the ring around you becomes larger 
meaning you need to get further away, then at heat 5 you will sometimes have 
helicopters chase you around and you cannot escape while the helicopter is 
aimed at you. Aside from that, the easiest way to escape chases is the same 
as wrecking cars, going over jumps. This typically messes up all chasing 
vehicles if you go over a jump fast enough, and should get you far enough 
away quick enough that you can get an escape counted.

How to Change the text on your license plate:
You can change the text on your license plate at any time for free. To do 
so go into the garage, then go to Customization > Body. Rotate all the way 
to the back to the license plate customization point.

How to Unlock Fast travel points:
The world of Palm City is pretty large, and although there are some fast 
travel points available early in the game such as your garage and the 
dealership, there are plenty of other safe houses marked on the map that 
are tagged with a padlock until you visit them. Take some time to drive 
around the city to unlock these safe houses, as you’ll save a lot more time 
in the long run by being able to fast travel across Palm City to reach other 
races and stories.
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