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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Cheats

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to execute the Characters Linked Secret Techniques:
You need minimum one-third of the Chakra Bar which can be filled by Charging 
your player (Hold Y/Triangle). While the Chakra Bar was an easy stuff you need
to fill the Complete Storm Meter which is the Yellow Bar just below the Chakra
Bar. This Bar can be Filled by attacking the enemies and switching Leaders 
(Left/Right Right Thumbstick) and using Combos. Once you Complete the 
requirements you are ready to execute the Secret Techniques. Here is the List 
of the Team with you can easily perform the Linked Secret Techniques

Kakashi and Obito
Naruto and Hinata
Naruto Uzimaki(The Last) and Sasuke Uchiha(The Last) 
Naruto, Sasuke, and Sai 
Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura
Naruto(Sage of the Six paths) and Sasuke(Rinne Sharingan)
Naruto(Sage of the Six paths), Sasuke(Rinne Sharingan), Sakura(The Great War)
Kid Kakashi, Kid Obito, and Rin
Hanabi(The Last), Hinata and Neji
Try Combining any of the below with Jinchuriki
Naruto, Gaara, Killer B, Yugito Nii, Yagura Roshi, Han, Utakata and Fu

Easy "Attacking Is The Greatest Defense" achievement:
You can easily get a 50 hit combo with Hinata Hyuga's Ninjutsu "Protective 8
Trigrams 64 Palms". It will do a 64 hit combo. Start Free Battle mode, select
"VS Battle", and choose the "Very Easy" difficulty. Then, stand close to your
opponent and activate the Ninjutsu. Note: You cannot get combat related 
achievements in Practice mode.

Easy "Full Power Teamwork!" achievement:
A Linked Awakening is the team version of the normal Awakening. Go to Free 
Battle mode, and start a team match. To perform the Linked Awakening, your 
health must be very low and the storm gauge filled up (the bar below your 
chakra and health). You build up the storm gauge by using your team members
and doing/taking damage. It will start "burning" when it is full. When these
requirements are met, awaken all team members. Then, finish the fight quickly
before you turn back to normal to get the "Full Power Teamwork!" achievement.

Easy "Trail of the Gale Expert" achievement or trophy:
Start Adventure mode and complete the main quest. Check the map to find the 
red flags and follow the quest tracker. 

Easy "Trail of the Gale Master" achievement or trophy:
Complete all the side quests in Adventure mode. They are marked with blue 
flags on the map. Note: After completing the first side quest from Tsunade,
you will given a rainbow kunai. Afterwards several merchants will offer a 
lot of ryo for that kunai. Do not sell it, as it is required for another 
side quest from Tsunade.
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