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Morok Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Magpie's Riddles Answers:
Written by Phenomenal

This guide just briefly explains the answers to each of the magpie's riddles, 
mainly because the second one is simple but has a specific form for the answer.

Question 1: In the house the floors need to be washed, the stove repaired and 
the soot cleaned off. What flies by itself and makes your nose itchy?

Answer: Dust

Question 2: A son has just been born, and the father is already rising up to
the heavens. What are they?

Answer: Fire and Smoke

Question 3: Born in the water, it quickly fades in it. Humans put it on the table. 
What kind of substance is that?

Answer: Salt
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