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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Dealing with Game.exe Malfunction:
Written by Zolanius

Is your game is lost due to the game.exe not downloading properly? 
Here is a method to save your process/game at all!

-=The Solution=-
So does your steam app say something along the lines of the game.exe file 
being damaged? That is most probably because steam is glitching about 
permission to move files around, but this is not important.

What is important that if you go into steam/steamapps/downloads folder, 
you will see a folder with random numbers for name, and there is the
 "damaged" game.exe file inside (if multiple folders are present, then 
check them until you find it).

Now, don't just go and straigth up launch the game from there, or try to 
coy it to the MONMUSU folder in steamapps/commons, as the first will ruin 
the whole file, and the second will not happen, as your pc will most 
probably think you don't have permission to mess around the file (even 
if you are the administrator).

What you want to do, is copying the file, somewhere away from the steamapps 
folder, and then doing the same with the whole MONMUSU folder in commons, 
then just putting te game.exe file inside this new MONMUSU folder. 
This should happen without any problems.

Got it? Nice! Now you can play the game by launching it from this copied 
"game.exe" file, and your progress should be safe and sound.

If the glitch happens again, just do the trick once more. 
If this method didn't work... well, then I can't help you. Sorry.

How to Enable 18+ Content:
Written by Myr

This guide is for those who don't know any better, and the lazy. 
So let me hold your hand :) 

How to Install the Uncensor Patch

* Download the official uncensor patch.
* Once the patch is done downloading, locate it and unzip it anywhere.
* The one called patch18plus.bin is the important one, and you don't need 
  the other files. 
* Simply copy it, and go to your Steam Library, locate MONMUSU and right 
  click it, click on Properties. Click on the Local Files tab, and then 
  click on Browse Local Files.
* Right click anywhere in that folder, and hit paste.

Note: As long as "patch18plus.bin" is in the game folder, 
you will have access to the extra content.
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