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Mindustry Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Easy Base Capture Guide:
Written by Fireman3000

This guide is about how to easy base capture or capture the Fungal 
Pass and any base in 5 waves.

So. In order to capture any base, we need:

* Research the core "Headquarters" 
  (or better "Atom". Standart is well too anyway).
* Research the launch pad 
  (optional, but highly desirable if something goes wrong).
* Research the unloader (required!).
* Research air unit "Zenith" (required!).

If you have all this, then capturing any base after the following actions 
turns into a rather boring shooting range. 

-=The capture secret is pretty simple=-
* Take at least 4000 of each of the resources: silicon, titanium, 
  graphite, metal glass.
* Put unloaders right next to the core.
* Put a factory for the production of air units nearby.
* Expose on each loader the resources needed at each stage of production 
  and wait until "Zeniths" are produced.
* We are waiting until at least 3-5 pieces are created.
* Take control yourself (CTRL on the unit) and gather a group (button G).
* Fly with a group and destroy everything. Diffusers for "Zenith" are not 
  scary, you can safely catch the damage. But parralaxes are still worth 
  wary of, but in general, you can always fly to the base and repair 

-=But, there are 3 nuances=-
* Make sure you have enough energy for all stages of production. If 
  there is no coal on the randomly generated map, it doesn't matter, 
  it means that there must be thorium somewhere, and you need at least 
  one small deposit of coal (to use the steam generator) in order to 
  accelerate the drill (or, in the case of a total lack of coal nearby, 
  you can do this done with a bunch of solar panels).

* Before you take off - build a base defense so that in your absence 
  no one destroys the core.

* Do not forget to place the launch pads on the main base, and also do 
  not forget to direct them to the sector that you are currently capturing. 
  If you cannot quickly break the enemy base, then additional resources 
  from the base will be just the way.
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