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Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians Cheats

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Glyph Tips:
* If your creature is not an attacker, then you should glyph it as follows: as 
  much speed as possible with as much HP and Defense as possible. In short: fast
  and tanky. If it has debuffs it needs to land (e.g., poisons), then you should
  also add Accuracy. The most efficient way to add Accuracy is via the precision
  set bonus. Glyphs with Accuracy as a main stat are not ideal.

* If the creature is an attacker, then it is probably best used at the moment 
  only in arena because boss HP is very high and attackers are undertuned at 
  the moment. Glyphing attackers requires as much crit chance as you can give
  them, high attack, and decent speed. Once you get better runes you can also 
  aim to raise critical damage.

* In general, the most important thing is the final stats of your creatures. It 
  will often be the case that the way to get the best stats on your creatures is
  to not use full sets. Only use full sets if it is actually improving the overall
  stats. Very early on, using sets will generally increase your stats, but this 
  will become less true as you progress through the game. The only exception is 
  when the set bonus is a unique feature like immunity or meditation.

Tips & Tricks:
* Glyphs are the most important thing in the game. Your main goal early on is 
  to get yourself in a position to farm them from the dungeons.

* Using seals: It is probably best to use them to buy the 9 summon packs until 
  you have a workable core dungeon team. After you have a decent team and are 
  above level 30 or so, you should transition to using your seals to refill 
  your energy and continue farming.

* Always save a copy of each creature (except 1*s).

* Preferentially feed 1*s to your core monsters for skill-ups. Only use 2*s if 
  you have tons of dupes and are out of 1*s.

* The shop has really good items in it, so always check it. It can even be 
  worthwhile to use your seals to refresh shop after level 30 to find runes 
  you need and books.

* It is generally better to evolve your creatures early on before skilling 
  them up because they both use the same resource (books) and evolution is 
  generally the more impactful change.
* Once you reach level 20 or so, you can use your staff to farm four 2* 
  fodders (no dedicated farmer needed!) on Floating Islands/Advanced/Stage 2.
  Your staff will one shot all the waves, so all you need your creatures to 
  do is survive. To do this, pick the Chimera element and the following 
  skills: Strength > Defense Breach > Celerity.
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