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Majestic Nights Cheats

Majestic Nights

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "The Truth Is In Here" achievement:
The items that must be found are the "Device Omega" schematic, Buzz's
"Bogey" transcript, and Zapruder "Rejected". To get them, start by 
acquiring the reporter's notebook from the club's basement. 

Note: If you accidently select a wrong response that you recover from, 
pause game play, return to the main menu, then select "Continue" to 
restart your current area. When you enter the club, talk to Lloyd. Ask
him for information about "he knows what". Then, ask about aliens and 
the secret base. You can now talk to others in the club. Talk with the
cowboy and man with the comb over. After completing that area and 
entering the club basement, go to the bar and talk to the reporter.
To gain her trust, ask her what she has heard about the story that she
is writing. Tell her that you are a friend of Piscine for not killing 
him, then ask her about Rubric. Tell her she is over her head, you 
are deader, and that your name is John Cardholder and that she must
trust you. She will give you her notebook. Bring the notebook to the
final underground area after Rubric. Search the area for the three 
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