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Mad Bullets Cheats

Mad Bullets

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Reload whenever you have spare time and not while in the middle of exchanging 
fire with your enemies. Allow enough time to reload; if interrupted your clip 
will only be reloaded partially. 

This is the primary currency and can be obtained easily by shooting at the 
barrels and boxes that are ringed in yellow, then shooting the sack icons. You
can get more sacks by completing quests. Completing all three goals in a quest
will give you the maximum sack bonus. 

* You can also get power-ups by shooting boxes and barrels. However, make sure 
  to remain safe from the possible bombs that will also appear from barrels and 
* In later levels, make sure to select the shield power-up to protect you from 

Spend sacks to maximize your life stars and magazine size first. Life stars 
will allow you to progress longer, even after shot. Increasing magazine size 
will allow you to deal with reloading better. 

When you lose all your stars the first time, you can choose to continue for 
free by watching an advertising video. For each subsequent time you need to 
continue, you must spend at least 150 gold sacks.
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