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Legend of Keepers Cheats

Legend of Keepers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enchantress Character Guide:
Written by Kingbangerz

Guide in using the Enchantress, an unlockable character. This guide is purely my creation 
and my or may not fit your playstyle. Obviously spoiler for those who want to find out 

-=What Is an Enchantress=-
Enchantress is an unlockable character gained after leveling Slavemaster to lv 10 or above. 
It is a magic type dungeon boss. She play more heavily to elemental damage and traps

-=First Impression of Enchantress=-
Enchantress playstyle is different to the Slavemaster to say the least.

The first thing you notice is that Enchantress have almost no morale reducing trap on the 
start. Enchantress monster also tend to be more magical in nature with more elemental troops 
and elemental attacker. Then you found out that Enchantress as a dungeon boss is more 
elementally inclined with lower armor and more elemental damage. Her single target attack is 
split to two damage channel so may deal less damage.

Her troops lean on lower health type with you unsure about how they can survive. Also, you 
usually start with less or no tanker.

-=The Magic of DoT=-
DoT stands for: damage over time.

Enchantress start by having many multi target trap.

In base form, they are less than impressive. You might be wondering about the merit of 
poisoning or burning the enemy. What you often forget that they deal greater damage as you 
stack them higher.

My main method of killing enemy using Enchantress is to stack those DoT sky-high. 
But how to achieve this?

You are given troops that deal area damage with lower attack and additional effect. I strongly 
suggest you to use that attack, unless you are going to kill a single target. A good advice is 
to understand the succubus multi-target attack. Succubus have the ability to multi-target as 
long as the first 2 row of enemy have positive armor. Because enemy front row almost always 
have positive armor, so free double attack.

Another good advice is to arrange the flow. Put poison dealing trap immediately before or after 
a poison dealing monster. Read the fine prints and you will be fine.

-=Need For Speed=-
This one is important but often overlooked.

As your monster tend to be on the softer side, make sure that your monster is able to deal 
damage before being destroyed. Yetigo is one often overlooked monster, whose abilities allow 
to to change the battle flow. Yetigo have an area attack that slow down enemy. It can make the 
difference between single attack or multiple attack.

One strategy I like to use is to have monster with death activated ability in my first monster 
trio in order to maximize the DoT. Also, make sure your first trio of monster have good morale 
because they will always die.

Pay attention to monster that grow in speed after training. There is a wind elemental (correct me) 
that can do multiple attack to slower enemies.

Also, you might be tempted to buy sturdier monster, but you need to remember the focus is damage, 
not survivability of your monster

-=The Magical Second Group=-
If you play it correctly, enemy should rarely breach the second group. Second group is usually 
reserved for lower motivation monster and damage dealer. The idea is to make the enemy too 
exhausted to properly fight the second group of monster. Compose the second group for damage 
combo such as ice weakness dealing monster + ice damage dealing monster.

Remember, you don't want multiple enemy ganging up your dungeon boss.

-=Artifact Guide=-
Must have:
Magic Screw (for double trap activation).
Prismatic Stone (because your monster is usually elemental and resist for the win).
Magic purse (extra money never hurt. especially when it work outside of battle).
Beer (because every little boost matter).
Holy lance (extra bonus to monster never hurt).

Bone? (you have small number of skeleton).
Merchant card (you usually buy very little, reason below).
Demon booster (again. mostly elemental).

-=Trap Guide=-
I would strongly suggest to focus on your default trap because they are good enough. But if you 
want to buy traps, focus on the DoT dealing type. Give up on morale because you usually don't 
have enough momentum to do so.

-=Monster Guide=-
You actually need a surprisingly low number of monster. Reason will be explained in later 
section. So focus on improving the present one. I would even go farther by encouraging you to 
have less tanker. This is because you need to focus on dealing damage. Restrict your purchase 
to DoT dealing monster. Try to synergizes your purchase with your existing monster.

-=The Promotion Reward (Spoiler)=-
If you are me, you will be surprised with the promotion reward because they are buff. Yay... 
But wait a moment... what do you mean with no third monster group?

Yes, my brethens. There is no 3rd monster group. That is why you need to focus on killing the 
enemy. As for me, of course i take the DoT dealing bonus, no question.
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