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Infindustry Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks:
Written by Leslie

A guide for new players or those who need tips to improve their towns.

-=Start Location=-
It is important to select a spot where you will have easy access to trees 
and rock. Nearby wild cotton and berry plants will also be useful. There is 
a button which allow moving the Headquarters (HQ). Use Spacebar (or bound key) 
to rotate the building while moving it.

The wild cotton will help you unlock a research entry and berries can be 
harvested to keep homes happy. Farms will later be the main source of cotton 
and the Forrester can plant and harvest berries. One water well near homes can 
also be used to keep homes happy rather than harvesting wild berries in the 
early stages.

Make sure your map has at least one lake or relatively wide river area as this 
will be important to later make use of water pumps. You want your main industry 
to be near this water source since water will be send to steam engines which 
will generate the pressure used to speed up production.

-=First Steps=-
You will need to gather wood and rock to build you 1st home. Homes are important
 since they generate Reputation, used to unlock research and perform other actions, 
and Happiness which globally increases the production speed of buildings.

Place all 4 Peons can can create initially. A worker walking around in the world 
is known as a Peon. The Workerpool determine how many you can place. The Workerpool 
limit is increased by building more homes and upgrading those homes.

Send your Peons to collect wood and stone. You will need this to build your 1st 
home. The resources must be taken back to the HQ. Only resources in the HQ can 
be used to build, upgrade, and perform research with.

Collect enough resources and build 4 homes. Housing space is limited. It can be 
increased by upgrading the HQ, but that will cost some processed resources so 
that will happen later. It might be better to focus on upgrading the 1st 4 homes 
to Level 2 before upgrading the HQ. But before any of this can be done you will 
need to get wood working going to create planks.

Build wooden roads for the Peons if they have to walk long distances. 
This will make the walk much faster.

Get one Peon to start collecting some cotton. You will need 10 to unlock sewing. 
So once that is done that Peon can get back to collecting other things.

Start servicing homes with a basic resource like berries or water. Water can be 
collected via a Water Well (building you place) or you could have a Peon collect 
nearby berries. You only have to make one delivery command to one home. The 
Peon(s) will automatically choose another home that can take the item in that 
general area if the “main” home already has it in its inventory.

With Reputation generation setup (via Homes) you can move on to stone mason – 
which can automatically harvest stone from nearby Boulder freeing up Peon from 
this work; forester to plant and harvest trees; farms for cotton production; and 
finally cloth and plank production.

Farms are used to not only produce food but also herbs, for medicine production, 
and cotton for cloth production.

A farm harvests from nearby fields. So you need to place both a farm and a field. 
Note that one field can easily handle 2 or 3 farms harvesting from it so do not 
surround a farm by fields. rather surround a field by farms.

You need to click on a field and select what it must grow via its production 
queue, then click on the farm and select what it must “try” to harvest in it 
production queue.

Fields need water and reputation points to plant new plants. Making fertilizer 
available will see a plant growing faster to maturity. Only mature plants can 
be harvested from. Each plants can be harvested about 5-10 times before it is 
“empty” and needs to be replanted.

Do not send Peons to provide the field with water. Rather deliver the water 
to a nearby Farm since the farm can deliver the water to all fields in range. 
You can use a nearby water well to collect the water and later send the water 
to a farm from a water pump via conveyor belt.

-=Conveyor Belts=-
Conveyor belts are pretty simple to use as you connect them between the special 
belt ports on buildings and/or conveyor belt branches.

Where some players have trouble is understanding how the Conveyor Belt Branches 
and the Building Belt Ports work.

-=Building Belt Port=-
Belt Ports can be used to either import items into the building or export them 
from the building. To export you must click on the port and select what it must 
export. More on the export panel later.

Port can import and export at the same time but you can obviously not achieve 
this with an attached belt since it moves in a certain direction, either towards 
or away from the belt port. You can however place a Branch right next to the 
port and it can then export items into the branch while also accepting items 
from the branch. More on this later.

-=Conveyor Branch=-
There are two types of branches, the 3-way and 4-way. The 3-way works the same 
as the 4-way except that it ha one closed off side.
A branch can have incoming and outgoing belts attached to any of its sides. They 
can also be placed next to each other or building belt ports.

By default a branch works like a splitter or combiner at the same time. It has 
a small internal inventory to accept one of each type of incoming items and then, 
in turn, export on any side that is attached to something which can accept an 
item on that side.

* If there is an outgoing belt an item will be placed on it if the belt is 
* if there is a building belt port it will receive the item if the port is 
  not set to export that same item and the building has space for the item in 
  its inventory.
* if it is another branch that branch will accept the item if it own inventory 
  can take the item

The branch will try to export in turn the items it contains. So if it has a Rock 
and a Plank it will export the Rock on one side and the Plank on the next side in 
turn if two side has outgoing belts attached for example. if there is only one 
outgoing side then the rock and plank will go there in turn.

-=Export panel=-
The export panel is where you tell a port and branch exactly what you want to 
happen. In the case of a Building Belt Port you must tell it what needs to 
exported since it can not make assumptions and export everything the building 

In the case of a Branch the branch will, by default, actually export anything 
coming in on to sides that are attached to objects that can accept those items. 
If you want only a certain item type to be exported on a side you need to select 
that type in the export panel for that side.

The export panel item selection has two modes – [] and [] where “n” is a number 
between 1 and 9. Star (*) means that item is an optional export but nothing else 
can be exported on that side except things marked. Remember, if nothing is marked 
then a branch will export anything it can on that side but by marking at least 
one thing you stop this action and tell it that only that specific item(s) can be 
exported on that side.

Marking items with 1..9 means that at least that many of that item type must be 
exported on that side before any other of the marked items for that side can be 
exported. This way you could for example set it up such that 2 wood is exported, 
then 1 rock, then 2 wood again, then 1 rock, repeat; if you marked Wood with a 2 
and Rock with a 1. If there is no rock and it is time to export that one rock the 
branch will wait until it has the rock to export. If you set the rock to (*) then 
that means the rock is optional and it could be skipped if there were no rock to 

As mentioned before, you can place a branch next to another branch or a building 
belt port. The same rules still apply. The branch will try to export something 
to the branch/port attached to the side which turn it is to receive an item and 
if that attached branch or port can not accept that item it will simply not 
export to that side and move on to the next side.

This way you can set up one 4-way branch between two bindings to act as both 
importer and exporter for those buildings using only one of the ports of each 
of these buildings. As an example, there is a 4-way branch with Cotton coming 
in on side 1. On Side 2 and 3 it is set to export that cotton. Those sides are 
attached the the ports of clothiers. The clothier’s ports are set to export 
cloth from those ports. So the branch is pushing cotton into these buildings 
and receiving cloth from them. The branch side 4 is then set to export cloth, 
preventing the cotton from existing on side 4 and the clothing existing there 
towards the HQ.

Monsters will not spawn until you unlock Combat Research. So only unlock that 
once you are ready to deal with them.

They spawn on timer and you will have about 3 minutes before the 1st wave 
appears. In that time you need to put at least 4 towers near your HQ to defend 
it from monsters that can come from any direction. You should also have a 
stockpile of ammunition or arrows which can be send to the towers via belt or 
Peons. The ammo/arrows can be created before you unlock combat so you can stock 
up on these.

Now you can start expanding outwards or play around with walls and traps to 
funnel monsters towards doom.

Do not make it impossible to reach the HQ by using buildings/belts/etc as 
“walls”. Monsters will simply attach and break these in their thirst to get 
to your HQ.
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