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Hexadrift Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Get Started:
Written by Henagames

Here are some helpful tips for getting started in Hexadrift!

-=Getting Started Tips=-

=-Starting Up=-
You begin the game with 1,000 Credits and a full tank of Fuel (288 units) for 
the scanner. You will quickly learn that this is not enough to sustain yourself 
for very long. Your immediate task when beginning Hexadrift should be to visit 
the first (and only accessible) Sector to begin your resource collection 

-=Early Focus=-
There is very little accessible from the early game. You must collect enough 
Credits and Resources to unlock new Sectors and any Upgrades you want to apply. 
In order to do this, focus early collection efforts on Credits.

The Parts are expensive to repair and require a lot of Resources and Credits 
to do so. You will not be able to do this in any kind of efficient manner 
without some key Upgrades. Focus your early efforts on these Upgrades and 
leave the Parts for later, once you have some increased collection abilities.

-=Dealing with Fuel=-
Keeping the Scanner full of fuel is not an easy task in the beginning of the 
game. You will need to spend the majority of the Credits you collect on 
refueling just to visit another Sector. It may feel like you are not getting 
anywhere at this point, but if you focus your attention on the green Credit 
Hexes for the first few Sector runs, you can get ahead of it and have enough 
Credits to begin unlocking Upgrades.

There are 3 different Fuel-related Upgrades that will significantly improve 
the Fuel situation. Some are very expensive, but are completely worth it! 
However, there is one that you should target in the early game (see below).

-=Upgrade Focus=-
There are some Upgrades that are more beneficial at the beginning of the game
 and some that you can wait on until you have a large collection of Resources 
already. In order to maximize efficiency, target any Upgrade that increases 
Credits collection and Fuel bonuses early in the game and wait on the “Part 
Discount” Upgrades until you’re ready to start repairing parts later in the 

Find the Upgrades you want to unlock first and note how many Credits and which 
Resource is required to unlock it. If you need to unlock another 
Sector first in order to gather a specific Resource, do it!

-=Recommended Upgrade Order=-
“Merchant +” – Gather 2x amount of Credits when scanning Credit Hexes
* This Upgrade will award 2x amount of Credits every time you scan a green 
Credit Hex. It requires Mechanical Resources to unlock, which are abundantly 
available in the first Sector.

“Fuel Seeker” – Gather 2x amount of Fuel when scanning Fuel Hexes
* This Upgrade will award 2x amount of Fuel every time you scan a Fuel Hex. 
It requires Biohazard Resources, so you will need to unlock another Sector to 
gain access to this Resource first.

“Merchant ++” – Gather 4x amount of Credits when scanning Credit Hexes
* This Upgrade will award 4x amount of Credits (8x if you have “Merchant +”) 
every time you scan a green Credit Hex. It requires Mechanical Resources to 
unlock, which are abundantly available in the first Sector.

-=You’re on your way!=-
Once you have some of the key Upgrades, you’ll start seeing significant 
improvements in how many Resources and Credits you’re collecting. 
So get out there and scan away!
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