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hack//G.U. Last Recode Cheats

hack//G.U. Last Recode

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Bike Time Trial Glitch:
1.Go to the bike mission (Passing Something Something)
2.Ignore those normal Chim-Chims and go straight to King Chim 
  (But you need to know the requirement to finish Bike Mission 
  Campaign is to bump 3000 Chim-Chim)
3.Just before you hit the king Chim-Chim, press Back 
  (On Controller) to show the Map and the press B (XBOX) or 
  Circle button (DS4) and the mission should completed. 
  If not, then your timing still not good enough, does not 
matter which 

King Chim you bump, you’ll get 3 King Chims for 1 King Chim if 
you press Back/Select button.

Human Male Locations:
Ninjato	- Both
Eddie	- Both
Rudolph	- Both
Nogmung	- Both
Oimatsu	- Both
IGA	- Both
Vergilius	- Both
Midnight-Head	- Both
Rider Chyob	- Both
Lieutenant Okada	- Both
Corporal Yano	- Both
Ookami Itto	- Mac Anu
SideWinder	- Mac Anu
tres	- Mac Anu
Ubadama	- Mac Anu
Heretic	- Mac Anu
Kunio	- Mac Anu
Encephalon	- Mac Anu
Lonely Wolf	- Mac Anu
Boltz	- Mac Anu
Dimitri	- Mac Anu
Aralagi	- Mac Anu
Aryosha	- Mac Anu
Mihirogi	- Mac Anu
Nagi	- Both
Kazuki	- Both
Blue Eye Samurai	- Both
Mark	- Both
Wise Dragon	- Both
Battery Tomekichi	- Both
Yoshio	- Lumina Cloth
Katar	- Lumina Cloth
Nagare	- Lumina Cloth
Dragonfly	- Lumina Cloth
Colt 31	- Lumina Cloth
Pokuri	- Lumina Cloth
EXILE	- Lumina Cloth
Fang	- Lumina Cloth
Chamnosuke	- Lumina Cloth
NonBE	- Lumina Cloth
AK47	- Lumina Cloth
Pilgrim	- Lumina Cloth
Lettuce Taro	- Lumina Cloth
Machida Man	- Lumina Cloth
Takowaza380Yen	- Lumina Cloth
Great Leo	- Lumina Cloth
Ayuo	- Lumina Cloth
JJ	- Lumina Cloth
Flamberge	- Lumina Cloth
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