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Deltarune: Chapter 1 Cheats

Deltarune: Chapter 1

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Mysterious Egg:
Go to the area where the flying star bird(?) or the revolving puzzle is located. 
Go back and forth between the two areas until you end up in another mysterious 
area with a single tree in the center. Go to the tree and talk to the invisible 
figure behind it. He will give you an egg. This egg can't be used in any way 
possible. If you toss it, it will break. In the ending scene where you return 
to the real world, you can go to Asgore's flower shop and put it in his fridge 

Broken Key Locations:
The broken keys are needed to open the door to Jevil's lair, which can be found 
by riding the first elevator in the castle to an area called "??????". After 
collecting all keys, go to the blacksmith(?) at the bake sale and he'll repair 
it for you.

Item             Location
Broken Key #1  - Seam's Shop
Broken Key #2  - The area with the dancers and stars (Forest near Bake Sale)
Broken Key #3  - The castle room puzzle (Field)
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